If you are interested in coming for psychotherapy you can make contact by phone, email or by using the form on the 'contact' page.  I check my phone and email regularly and I'll usually respond within a day.


When you make contact we will need to find a time and a date when we are both available for our first meeting. I will usually be able to see you within a week or two.


Your first session is an opportunity for both of us to get a sense of each other and see whether or not we could work well together. I would like to hear about what brings you to therapy and what you would like to get out of it. You can ask me any questions that you have and I’ll do my best to answer them. By the end of the first session you may already have decided that you would like to work with me or it may be that you need a few days to think about your options. Likewise I will let you know if I do not think that I am best person to help you, and provide you with information on other therapists.


If you decide that you would like to continue our sessions together then the next step is to formalise our agreement. Together we create a ‘contract’, this lays out some boundaries and commitments that help to define our relationship and how we will be working together. (There is more information about these things on the page entitled ‘Things to Know’.)   It is important that we agree on these issues in a way that feels fair and comfortable for both of us.


I usually ask that you make an initial commitment to come for six sessions, at the end of this time we will review our work together and look at how you want to proceed. You may feel that you have done what you came to do, or you might decide that you want to work in a more open-ended kind of way. Again if I feel that you would be better suited to a different kind of therapy or would benefit more from a different therapist I will discuss this with you.