This page tells you about some of the important parts of the ‘contract’ we will make together. I usually put aside some time in our first session to talk about this, but by reading it in advance I hope you will feel more prepared for our first meeting and have a chance to come up with any questions you would like answered about it.




Whatever is shared in the privacy of therapy will be honoured as confidential and treated with respect. The only time confidentiality may be broken is if I think you or someone else’s safety is at risk, where possible I will try to discuss this with you first.




It is good practise that psychotherapists and counsellors bring what has been discussed in therapy to supervision. In this process I will keep your identity secret and treat your experience with the utmost respect. My supervisor is someone with greater experience in giving psychotherapy than myself; who will help me to give you the best possible support.


Regular Times and Fees


Sessions are normally one hour and at the same time each week.

I charge £55-£80 per session, depending upon your income.




I won’t charge if I cancel a session or when I am away, and I will always try to give you as much notice as possible. If you are not able to attend a session I ask that you give me as much notice as you can. If for any reason you have to cancel, I will try to find another available session when I can see you. if you cancel with less that eight days notice and I am unable to find an alternative time for us to meet, you will be expected to pay for the missed session.


The therapeutic process is most affective with regular sessions. Sometimes you might feel like cancelling because you don’t think you have anything important to say, or you may not want to come because you are finding it difficult – I encourage you to bring all of this to our sessions. In my personal experience, of being both a therapist and a client, I have found that these occasions of increased resistance have been some of the most important and fruitful times to attend.