Welcome to the website of my psychotherapy practice.


Suffering and the search for meaning are inescapable aspects of our life, from the acute distress of losing a loved one, through to the yearning and despair we can feel at losing our connection to purpose and meaning. I imagine that it is your feelings of being in some way unhappy or dissatisfied with your life that has led you here.


Anyone reading this will be looking for something. We can all imagine being happier than we are right now, but it seems to be human nature that we only start seriously looking for that greater happiness when things have got particularly bad. I believe that it is important to try and see through the pain which motivates us to search, to the life affirming goodness that lies at the heart of our searching itself. What we all really want is to be happy, well and free – and you are taking a positive step in this direction


While we can learn and grow from our suffering, it does not negate the fact that some of these experiences can be incredibly scary and painful. I hope I will be able to help you in dealing with whatever you’re facing, and support you in realising whatever is coming into being in your life.


I know that making the decision to see someone can be a difficult one, and it can be hard finding the right person to work with. Over the decades there has been a lot of careful scientific research demonstrating that the relationship between the client and therapist is at least as important as the particular treatment method in determining whether or not therapy is successful.


I hope that through this website you can get a feel for who I am and how I work, that will help with your process of inquiry and decision — and in case you’re feeling unsure about coming to see me, I’ve included a link to other psychotherapy and counselling resources on the Links’ page.




The circlular image in the header of this page is a 'ganchil' or ' swirl of joy'.  It comes from the 'bon' tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and signifies that however dark the content of our thoughts are, our ability to be aware of them is marked with openness, clarity and sensitivity and this is the true nature of our mind.